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Chinx Shot & Killed In Drive-By Shooting; Alleged Shooter Brags On Social Media (Video)

Posted By on May 17, 2015

Rapper Chinx, who is affiliated with French Montana’s Coke Boys, was reportedly killed early Sunday morning in a drive-by shooting that occurred in Queens NY. According to police, Chinx was found in a car with multiple gun shot wounds in the stomach, and a second victim was shot in the back. The second victim is in critical condition at a hospital in New York.

AllHipHop is reporting that police might have a lead after @teamshabbaofficial’s Twitter account left a cryptic message on Chinx’s Twitter page in connection with the shooting, and he also took to his Instagram account to brag about the shooting. The Twitter account has since been deleted. Police are still searching for the shooter.

Chinx Drugz Killed In Drive By Shooting



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Footage of the scene has been released. Check it out below.