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Rocko Sues Future

Posted By on June 8, 2016

Rapper Rocko has decided to file a lawsuit against Future because he claims he screwed him out of millions of dollars. According to Rocko, who owns A1 Recordings, Future breached a contract they had set back in 2011.

Future was suppose to release his first 6 albums with A1 and Epic Records signed on to distribute the albums, but Rocko now claims Future and Epic did a shady side deal, which helped him get multi-million dollars in advances.

Rocko says Future cut him out because he didn’t want to give him the 25% he was owed off the Epic advances. He also says Future owes him 20% of his earnings from touring, endorsements, etc.

Future allegedly owes Rocko over $10 million…..


Roco took to his social media to speak on the situatuion