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Compton Rapper, Game, Starts a G-Unit Reunion Petition

Posted By on February 1, 2013

Compton Born rapper, Game, has resorted to using social media and the internet to foster support for a 2013 G-Unit reunion. With all of the talk of a G-Unit reunion, it is difficult to gauge exactly where this thing will end up.

Several weeks ago there was a report of an impromptu G-Unit reunion on stage in Puerto Rico and shortly thereafter, there was an interview in which 50 Cent didn’t sound too enthusiastic about the chances. In fact, the words “probably not” came out of his mouth. After that, Tony Yayo weighed in on the possibility of a Gorilla Unit reunion and his prognosis was extremely optimistic. He said he believes that it is going to happen.

Now, the last person that anyone would assume would be lobbying for a reunion has made an intense effort to push for the reunion to take place in 2013. Game and G-Unit did not part ways on the best of terms. The last thing that most people remember concerning Game and G-Unit is “300 Bars and Running”, a diss joint in which Game dedicated 300 straight bars to assaulting everyone in the G-Unit Click.

Well, Game has joined the pro-reunion club and posted a link on Facebook that sends fans to a page where they can sign a petition supporting the reunion.

Now if only Young Buck and Lloyd Banks could weigh in, there could be a full between the primary members.