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Sha Money Talks Game Still Being On G-Unit

Posted By on June 14, 2010

     Former G-Unit head honcho (and now senior vp of A&R at Def Jam), Sha Money XL, recently talked about his relationship with 50 Cent's camp mainly about the former members of G-Unit, Young Buck and Game. "I speak with [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo and 50 [Cent] at least two times a week just on some friendship," Sha said about keeping in contact with G-Unit. "Those are my homeboys, like, we family. So it ain't always about business or money, it's just checking on a n*gga, you know what I mean? I never turned cold on my n*ggas, I'm not that kinda dude even if I ever had a difference with Fif, the world would never see that sh*t because I ain't built on those kinds of things. So all that bullsh*t, like, I respect Buck in a sense of him just being my n*gga, but, when you leave a crew just because your business decisions wasn't right for you, you can't just de-character the man that helped you become the man that you are. I tip my hat off to 50 because he helped a lot of real n*ggas get money and a lot of artists that came up, Banks is chilling, Yayo is chilling, Buck was chilling, I don't know where he at right now but he was good. Even Game, that's why he was called 'Hurricane,' because he was riding that G-Unit wave, where's that sh*t at now? Those guys still make those records and obviously it's not the same quality of music so had he still been on G-Unit, I think he would be on fire right now. That sound, 'Hate It Or Love It,' you can never make that record again. I just don't do the turn love and then turn cold a n*gga and get crazy with him in public type of thing. That sh*t is for cowards and n*ggas that just want attention, I don't do that."


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