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50 Cent and G Unit Reunite in Puerto Rico

Posted By on January 11, 2013

When Eminem signed 50 Cent to Shady Aftermath (Interscope) Records and the first single (In The Club) dropped from that first album (Get Rich or Die Trying), there is one verse that proved to be extremely prophetic: When 50 Cent said, “My plan is to put the rap game in a choke hold.” He meant it, and with the help of his comrades, collectively known as G-Unit, he did just that. For the next several years 50 Cent Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and eventually Tony (Yayo), strung together hit after hit.

Unfortunately, like almost all other dominant groups in music, parting ways is inevitable. Egos, better opportunities, different visions and so much more create this inevitable force that pulls groups apart.

50 Cent had that arrogance about him that embodied the very essence of the quintessential Alfa-Rapper. From cats like LL Cool J, to 2 Pac, and on to the Jigga Man Himself, Jay-Z, there has been this one person that transcended the game at that moment. Fifty did that and G-Unit reflected his Swagger.

Through a number of sources, it has been reported that the people of Puerto Rico were the beneficiaries of an impromptu unannounced reunion concert by the G-Unit clan. According to undisclosed sources, D.J. Whoo Kid had been pushing for a reunion of the group, but it became a matter of personal freedom, more than personal conflict. According to 50 himself, there was no beef involved, everyone simply needed the space to be their own man.

The group took a short tour after arriving to the Island and then took the stage where they performed a lot of their old classics. Does this come with a new LP and tour? Who knows? Stay tuned, we shall see!

50 Cent and G-Unit in Puerto Rico