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Gucci Mane Speaks On Being Prepared To Be A Role Model

Posted By on August 1, 2016

Since his release from prison, a leaner, more focused Gucci Mane has been on a tear. His new album ‘Everybody Looking‘ is already a fan favorite, and the Atlanta Trap God shows no signs of stopping. While speaking to Fader, Gucci spoke about being a role model and what he has his eyes set on now that he’s free.

“A lot of artists have a problem with putting other people on, and people don’t embrace them [when they do it] because it ain’t genuine,” the Trap King says. “I’m always trying to help people. I wouldn’t give a damn if I get four artists right now and all of them burn me. I’mma get me four more, because I feel like the more people I help, the more good I do. No matter what a person does, helping somebody can never hurt me.”

“I like that the kids embrace me. I feel proud, I’m flattered,” Gucci says. “I think I’m the easiest to imitate. I can’t imitate Eminem. And they can’t imitate Eminem, but they can imitate Gucci. Is Eminem good? Yes. Do I recognize he’s super talented? Hell yeah! But do I want to play that when I jump in my Maybach?”

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