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Gucci Mane Speaks On Being Sober And Proud

Posted By on November 11, 2016

Gucci Mane recently hit ESPN‘s ‘His & Hers‘ and discussed everything from the Atlanta Falcons, to how he arrived at the decision to get sober and stay that way.

When it comes to getting sober, Gucci explained how he’s more focused and clear headed as ever.

“To ensure that I don’t come back into this prison I’m just gonna be totally sober,” Gucci Mane said of his thought process. “I don’t have any time to make any more mistakes. I want to jump every hurdle that’s in front of me. And it takes me to have a clearer mind. I know my weaknesses. And being sober, it’s like a big strength for me … It’s easy to me. It’s an extravagant lifestyle I live. And to me it’s kinda being even more cocky. I love to tell somebody ‘Hey listen, I don’t do drugs. I’m sorry baby, but I don’t want anything to drink. I’ll take a water.’… I’m proud of doing it. I like doing it. I hope people follow my example.”

Gucci also went on to discuss the Rae Sremmurd smash hit ‘Black Beatles’ which he’s featured on.

“When I got the track I knew it was a hit,” Gucci said when asked if he thought “Black Beatles” would be a success. “And I felt like it was a banger, but you never know how far things are gonna go. And every time I go in the studio, I guess I’m aiming for the fences. I’m trying to take everyone to number one. But I knew that it was a great song.”

Check out the ESPN clip below: