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Hopsin Attacks Fame, Asks Fans To Not Attend His Show, And More

Posted By on February 18, 2014

Rapper Hopsin may be leaving the stage behind him. Seems like the young rapper is getting tree of the struggles that come with being a famous rapper. The MC recently unleashed a series of tweets that seem to point in the direction of retirement.

“As of today I’m officially burned out,” Hopsin says in his Twitter statement. “I’m 100 percent over being in this light. The rap game can suck my dick and so can u two faced dick riding fans who are quick to turn your back on me if I don’t give u what u want. I ain’t no damn celebrity and I ain’t bout to play this ‘fame game.'”

“This whole tour can go to hell along with the pain I suffer trying to please these idiots,” Hopsin says. “I’m a god damn slave monkey in a circus now…My heart just isn’t on stage when I perform anymore. All I think about is how bad I can’t wait to get off stage when I’m on stage. I feel bad because I’m just taking your money and not giving u my heart…Don’t come to these shows. You are gonna get an auto pilot performance. [J]ust know that the only reason I’m doing these shows is because I’m being pressured and conditioned to believe that money is before health.” 


Hopsin also went on to say that all the pressure of fame has left him full of doubt.

“Being so heavily involved with this industry made me lose touch with god. I don’t even know if I believe in him anymore…I wanna believe, but I have really locked myself into understanding that he isn’t real. And I never thought I’d reach this point,” Hopsin says.