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Hugh Augustine

Hugh Augustine Details How He Got Featured On Isaiah Rashad’s Debut Project

Posted By on September 14, 2016

Hugh Augustine has been heavy in the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene for years. He even created a solid buzz for himself in Germany through a foreign exchange program.

Hugh recently sat down with HipHopDX to explain how his collab with TDE’s Isaiah Rashad made the MC’s debut album ‘The Sun’s Tirade

When asked about how he ended up recording with Rashad, Hugh chalks it up to persistence and luck.

“Pretty randomly bro to be honest. We had some mutual friends. The homie that produces for me produces for Isaiah as well. We’ve been hanging out in the studio a few times, but never really worked on anything. We were just getting acquainted and everything. After hanging out a few times, I started playing my shit in the studio. We’d be in a session and if a board went quiet, I’d plug my phone into the AUX and start playing my new shit. My shit started bumpin’ and after a while, niggas would start listening to it like it’s tight. One day we’re hanging out and he’s telling his engineer that he had to drop a verse to this hot beat. He goes in, drops the verse and comes out asking me if I wanted to get on it. I’m like hell yeah. I went in and dropped it and that’s what came out.”

Hugh also went on to detail how he had no idea Jay Rock would be on the track as well.

“When they told me I made the tracklist, they didn’t tell me Rock got on it. You feel me? That night at FYF was the first night I ever met Rock. I met Rock and the next day or two, they told me he hopped on the track. A couple of nights after that, he came to the studio, played the track and I was trippin’ bro. Earlier that day, they played “California Soul” on the radio as I was making my way to the studio. I get to the studio and I’m like what’s up bro we just met the other night. He’s like “good to see you.” Then, we all listen to the track. This nigga ripped it with a “Money Trees” level verse. It was just a crazy experience. It’s dope when you’re a rapper on my level and you can hang with guys like Isaiah and Rock on the mic, but never got that opportunity. When you finally do get that opportunity, it shows. The feedback we’ve been getting from the song has been tremendous. It just feels good to know that I’m up there. My rap skills are up there with the best.”

Be on the look out for Hugh Augustine’s new single “Nights On Replay” featuring Syd from The Internet. Peep ‘Tity & Dolla‘ below: