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Irv Gotti Talks About His New HBO Series

Posted By on May 14, 2009

    As we previously reported, Irv Gotti will be adding to his resume of television shows soon. The Murder-INC boss is currently working on his a new series for HBO called "160 Varick." In a recent interview with XXL, Irv talked about his multiple television projects saying "I got another like two or three shows on MTV and VH1 that’s coming out that I’m a part of executive producing and will be doing a lot more in the future."

     Although he acted like he didn't want to say much about it, Irv talked about the HBO series saying "Then there’s this other thing, that I don’t really wanna talk about it too much…nah, fuck it, I’ll let you be the first to break it. It’s XXL right? [Laughs]. I got a show with HBO brewing and it’s called 160 Varick. That’s where I started at, that’s the address to the old Def Jam. Now the show is like Entourage but it’s based on the music side. That should tip you off. I’ve already met with the presidents of HBO but I just don’t like talking about it because it may never see the light of day if it’s not great the way I want it to be. My agent is Ari, the real Ari, Ari Emannuel. The guy that Jeremy Piven plays on the show, in real life, that’s my agent. So I’m in the process of finding the best writers to write the sexiest, wittiest, funniest shit that’ll make a great HBO series."