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Murder Inc News From Newz

Posted By on July 28, 2009

    Newz, a Murder Inc Records artist, recently talked about the status of the INC and its's leader, reality-tv star Irv Gotti. [watch here] Beyond Irv, Newz discussed Murder INC artists (or are they? we heard they both left) Lloyd and Ashanti and their roles with the label. Newz even went on to give his thoughts on G-Unit general 50 Cent. [watch here]

    "'It's Still Murda' dropped a couple days ago," Newz said of his recent collaboration with Ja Rule. [watch here] "Fire, featuring your boy Rule. You know what it is man. [My album] Hunting Season is coming. We got Ja, Game, Jadakiss, probably get a couple of R&B n*ggas or something on there…Lloyd still there. Ashanti there, Gotti said he's gonna drop her but she's still there. Rule there, I'm there…It is what it is [with 50 Cent.] You know what I mean, I ain't got no problems with the boy, unless it presents itself." [watch here]

Murder Inc Artist Newz Says Label Whole "Lloyd & Ashanti Still There"