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Irv Gotti Explains Ashanti Relationship

Posted By on September 27, 2013

Recently Irv Gotti spoke on past rumors involving his falling out with one of his ex-artist Ashanti and if they were involved romantically or not.

Despite all the rumors for years, Gotti expressed that he has never had sexual relations with Ashanti.

“You know what? Here’s the real. Me and Ashanti have a unique and special bond,” Gotti explained in an interview. “Okay? We made great music together and everything like that, all right? I don’t know, no, we did not have sex. We didn’t have sex. I never slept with Ashanti. Listen, let me tell you about our relationship – we at Murder Inc. is like a family, like a family. [Ja] Rule, for real. So what happened, when I fell upon hard times and they raided my offices and my life got turned upside down, certain people bailed. She bailed, yo. … When someone bails and you know, like, yo, I’m probably the illest n*gga in your life next to your dad. It’s like your dad and me. … Even if you don’t want to be on Murder Inc. or whatever, still ride and still be there.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

In 2007, the rumors of the two being romantically involved escalated.

Yesterday, on the Wendy Williams radio show, Irv Gotti reportedly admitted to having an affair with Ashanti while he was the ‘married’ CEO of Murder Inc. He also admitted to being on Viagra and E’d up when he was hittin‘ Ashanti during their affair. This is not really news, just about everyone in the industry has fu*ked for some tracks at some point in their career. Even Kim Porter could probably tell Ashanti was Irv’s side deal when she was ridin‘ with Murder Inc. Vanessa Carlton signed with Irv, you know she has watched some Viagra pill poppin’ already. (Bossip)

Gotti recently explained how he wants his relationship with Ashanti to get back to what it was.

“Ashanti is Written Entertainment,” Gotti said referring to Ashanti’s new label when asked about their relationship. “We’re good. We talk, we talk when we come around but honestly, I wish it was better. You know what I’m saying? I wish we was better. … I have nothing against being around her or letting everyone know that we’re cool, you understand? I don’t know if she feels the same way or whatever like that. It’s all good. … The bottom line with Ashanti is I love Ashanti. When you love somebody and they do things that you may agree with, you react differently and think but it’s only because I love that girl. We did something. We were in the Guinness Book of World Records. I don’t know if she wants [to team back up]. … She don’t want that. We over here throwing them M’s up ‘til we die. You know what I’m saying? I don’t know if she wants to do that.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)