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J Cole Inspired By Eminem & Canibus (Video)

Posted By on May 18, 2010

      Roc Nation's own J Cole recently said he was inspired by Eminem & Canibus in his early rhymes. J Cole says he studied both rappers verses when he was young. "I don't know if I'm on his radar yet, but I used to hang Eminem raps on my wall," Cole revealed in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. "I have people's raps on my wall, but his raps and then Canibus' raps were the only ones that could get close to the bed spread and when I'd first wake up and want to read some raps, they were always there…I think Em's [written] raps be looking weird too…[A year from now], I'll be a little richer, but I'll still be the same. Yeah…I'm trying to stay the same or at least as close as possible. What did 50 [Cent] say? If you don't change then you ain't make enough? Or some crazy wild sh*t."

J Cole – Inspired by Eminem & Canibus Raps