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Jamie Foxx Responds To Stern Calling Him Gay

Posted By on April 5, 2010

     Jamie Foxx has now responded to Howard Stern calling him gay. On his "Foxxhole" show, he opened up about the situation, make sure you listen to the whole clip below! In the clip, Jamie Foxx says for sure he is not gay and even has some words for Howard Stern.


     Ever since Howard Stern, along with his side kick Robin
, made comments about Gabourey Sidibe, the star of the
recent "Precious" film that won multiple awards at this
years Oscars ceremony, Stern has been getting a lot of bashing.
Basically saying that Ms Sidibe is overweight and therefore she
will have  hard time getting more work in Hollywood as they seem to hire
skinny acrtresses, people have called Stern everything from racist to a
fat person hater etc. One of these groups of people have been bashing
Stern include hosts of a talk show on Jamie Foxxs' "Foxxhole"
station on Sirius/XM radio.

     Playing back the talk of the group bashing him, Stern
notices that soon as Foxx walks in, they immediately stop bashing stern
and Jamie Foxx even joins in bashing Ms Sidibe calling her
"Notorious Precious" obviously not having a problem with talking about
her being heavy. Since then, Foxx has made comments (in defense
of his talk show hosts who Stern blasted) but said he is Sterns
friend and they play on the same team. As you can hear below, Stern says
not only are they not friends but he makes MANY MANY suggestions about
having "dirt" on Jamie Foxx, even suggestions that hint he might be gay.
You listen to both and let us know what you think.

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