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Jamie Foxx Doesn’t Agree With Jay-Z

Posted By on June 22, 2009

    Many "singers" have come forward to address Jay-Z saying that Autotune is dead. The latest to give his opinion is singer slash actor Jamie Foxx. Well known for his Autotune-backed hits like "Blame It," Jamie Foxx doesn't agree with Jigga. "Autotune is not dead but that's Jay-Z and I understand what he's doing in the hip-hop world," Foxx explained in an interview. [watch here] "He's challenging those guys who are simply relying on it and you know that's what hip-hop is." [watch here]

    Fox went on to talk about Jay-Z's spot in music. "But for Jay-Z, he's a god when it comes to hip-hop. So I'ma ride with him no matter what. I don't think the song is meant to tell everyone that's using autotune to stop what they're doing because you can't stop a movement. Everything runs its course, but when it comes to real emcees, Jay-Z never has to do another record in his life…Even with 'Blame It' with as good as it is right now, 'Blame It' will never hold a candle to 'Allow me to re-introduce myself…'" [watch here]

    In related news, a new remix of Jamie Foxx' song "Digital Girl" [listen here] recently hit the net. The new version features up-in-coming rapper Drake along with Kanye West and The-Dream so make sure you [listen here]

Jamie Foxx Talks Jay-Z's D.O.A. "You Cant Stop A Movement"