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Tahiry Explains Why She Punched Consequence For Joe Budden

Posted By on March 15, 2013

There is yet another entry in the ongoing saga of Joe Budden & Consequence. By now, the ongoing beef between Joe Budden and consequence has been well documented. Each day there seems to be more information being released to fill in the gaps of what truly happened in the most recent scuffle between the two.

It was during a taping of the Love & Hip Hop reunion show that Consequence took a shot at Budden and then took to Twitter to tell his fans that he had smacked up Budden. Budden, in turn took to twitter to says that it was a lot more to the story, saying that it was, “the most pussy display ever seen from a nigga.”

Shortly thereafter footage of the scuffle was uploaded to YouTube. According to Budden, it was Tahiry Jose that actually struck Consequence after he hit him. Tahiry recently took the time to explain her perspective and why she hit Consequence for Joe.

“We were basically taking two minutes to walk out because we had two minutes,” she shared in the interview. “They were switching the set. We walked right past him. Then out of nowhere, I feel somebody over my head just hit Joey in the head. Joey was then rushed to the other side of the room by like eight security. Consequence was then running back but they forgot about Tahiry so I caught a good one.”

She then said that it probably was a girly punch, but it landed straight in the face.

“It was probably a girly-girl punch that hit him straight in the face.”

She elaborated a little further on why she responded the way that she did.

“It’s human nature. You can’t just attack people and not expect people to react,” Tahiry noted, explaining why she hit him for Joe Budden. “I’m walking with whoever and you’re my dude, you are around me, then it’s either all or nothing. That’s just how I am.”

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