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Juvenile Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana

Posted By on February 26, 2010

     According to multiple reports, Juvenile has been arrested after police came by a house in St Bernard Parish, Lousiana (where Juvenile often records his music). The cops were there to investigate an anonymous tip that the small of marijuana smoke was coming from the home. The Police say they then could smell it 10 feet away and when Juvy's producer, Leroy Edwards, opened the door, the cops were hit with a cloud of smoke.

     The police handcuffed and searched Edwards (and of course found marijuana) then detained the other people in the house, including Juvenile, for about two hours while they waitedf on a search warrant. With the warrant, the police found a half-an-ounce to an ounce of weed, which Juvenile claimed as his personal property.

, who was previously arrested for marijuana possession in 2008, was taken to jail with his producer and booked on charges of misdemeanor possession of marijuana at around 6 p.m. Both were released on bond a little before midnight. The case is scheduled to be handed over to the district attorney's office for prosecution.