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Juvenile Copies Drake’s Album Cover

Posted By on June 3, 2010

     It looks like some rappers are running out of ideas for their album covers or having a hard time creating an original idea and now it seems Juvenile has become one of these guys. His new "Beast Mode" album cover very closely resembles Drake's upcoming "Thank Me Later" debut album artwork. Using the same white background with a drawing like picture of his face, Juvenile pretty much copied that of Drake's work. Of course we are sure there have been similar album covers come out in the past, but to us, having almost a duplicate cover so close to another artist, that who's album has been highly-anticipated, is just not a great idea, especially to set yourself apart… but hey who knows, maybe the whole idea was to look like Drake's, you never know.

     In related news, Juvenile talked about his new album coming out this summer stating "The main reason for putting out this record in the summer is that it's a summer album. I made this album for my fans, especially for my female fans out there."

JUVENILE's "Beast Mode" Album Cover

DRAKE's "Thank Me Later" Album Cover


Juvenile – Gotta Get It