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Juvenile Talks Beast Mode & Lil Wayne

Posted By on June 7, 2010

     Juvenile recently talked about his upcoming "Beast Mode" album, the second project with his new deal on E1 Records.  “This my baby right here man,” Juvenile said of his new project. “It’s that up tempo street shit. The first single is for the women, ‘Drop that Ass’. You know its summer time. The last album, I was trying to get to the fellas, so I want to make sure I keep it balanced.“

     When asked about the long-delayed Hot Boys reunion, Juvie says it's been pushed back because Lil Wayne is currently still in jail and they don't want to do a reunion without one of the main members. “I really want to do that. You know if it were left up to Juvie we would do it right now man, But you cant do no Hot Boys songs without everyone present and that’s the thing you got to have everyone present to make it work.”

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JUVENILE's "Beast Mode" Album Cover