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Juvie Gets Drake On New Album; Names Top 5

Posted By on November 22, 2011

     Juvenile recently spoke about about his upcoming "Rejuvenation" album (due in stores December 13th) during which he revealed his top five favorite rappers, currenty.

"I'm just a fan. I like real, real Hip Hop – when cats really rap, really rhyme and really put words together. I think [Ross] one of them. Ross is in my top five best MCs [out] right now," he said, naming his other four picks. "Right now: Ross, Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye [West], T.I…. that would round out my top five. There's not a lot of other cats [that] I put on that pedestal."

     Juvey went on to say that Drake will appear on his upcoming album.

"Drake, it's kind of a more flavorful thing. You know what's funny about that, I never heard the track. I actually went in blind and trusted Mannie. It's more like Drake going to do something and I'm gonna follow him on the song. There are other cats I've worked with like Lloyd, and Trey Songz, that's my guy. Before his career took off I did songs with Trey Songz."

Juvenile – Talks New Album Rejuvenation