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Rappers Talk Slang Terms Of The Decade

Posted By on December 31, 2009

    With New Years Day , and more importantly the new decade, tomorrow rappers are now reflecting on important hip hop items from the past ten years. When asked what they think was the biggest hip hop slang term of the past decade, Juvenile, Warren G, Rakim and even DJ Webstar all gave different answers. "I gotta say 'bling bling,'" Juvie argued. "It's not only a popular saying, it's in the dictionary. It's a real word and I travel all around the world and the first thing that people say when they see me, even if they don't speak English is 'bling bling.' So it's a big thing, man." Warren G kept it west coast saying "'Ya got to do it,' 'Ya got to do it,' [laughs], that's the word. 'Ya got to do it.'"

    Rakim talked about a popular term around the New York area. "It changed so much," Rakim reflected. "I mean, I think 'It is what it is,' is the biggest statement in the last ten years. It says a lot and everybody uses it. And it is true, 'It is what it is.'" DJ Webstar says one of the slang terms is actually a rap lyric. "I think the biggest saying is, I mean, things change so much from the '90's to this year, I remember when 'Trickin' was a bad thing," Webstar explained. "Now the big saying is 'It ain't trickin' if you got it.' So I think that was the biggest saying, 'It ain't trickin' if you got it.' Is that true? I don't know." [DJ Webstar Talks Rap Terms & Lyrics Of The Decade – Watch Here]

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