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Hip Hop Artists Express Support For Juvenile After The Death Of His Daughter

Posted By on March 4, 2008

Hip Hop Artists are showing their support for Juvenile after the death of his 4-year-old daughter. Fellow Hot Boys Member, B.G., said "I love Juve like a brother," "We came up together as Hot Boys. Now we are men, fathers with families. I send out my prayers to Juve and his family as well as my sympathy to him. In our lives, Juve and I have seen a lot of death and lost a lot of friends too soon. But nothing can compare to what Juve has lost – his baby girl. My heart goes out to my homie and I am sure that I can speak for all of New Orleans during this difficult time: we want him to know that we praying for him, we love him and we support him through this and forever." UGK's Bun B said "I send my prayers and condolences to Juvenile and his family during
this tragic event," who’s own grief over over Pimp C is still fresh on everyone's mind, continuing "I cannot imagine the pain he must be feeling."

"It’s crazy what’s going on with these kids and guns, man," Eightball told a website. "We had three school shootings here in Memphis in the last few
weeks. We gotta figure out what’s going on!"

The female rapper Trina said "my prayers are with him at this time and may God continue to give him
strength to deal with such a terrible loss. This is devastating for
such a beautiful family all gone too soon!"

As we previously reported,
Gwinnett County Deputy Joy Deleston, 39 and her daughters where found
dead on Thursday (Feb 28) in their Lawrenceville, GA home, about 30
miles north of Atlanta. Her son, 17-year-old Anthony Terrell, Jr. was arrested the next day and charged with the murders which he confessed to.
"I would seriously be considering the death penalty in this case if he
was eligible," District Attorney Danny Porter told
a local TV station. The US Supreme Court hearing found will Terrell face a maximum of life in prison for each of the three charges instead. If the sentences ran back to back, Terrell eligible for parole in forty years, Porter added.

The funeral for Juveniles' Daughter, her sister and her mother, is set to take place this week in South Carolina, where her family was born and raised.