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Juvenile announced joint venture with Rap-A-Lot Records

Posted By on March 31, 2004

Juvenile announces joint venture with Rap A Lot Records! J. Prince has executive produced some of the most interesting talent to hit the record business (Scar Face, Ghetto Boys, Devin, Do Or Die, Dirty) at his independent Rap A Lot Records and Juvenile, the leading performer of “Dirty South Hip Hop”, not only has four prior platinum records in a row (including the millennium album, “400 Degreez”) on Cash Money Universal, but is currently leading the charts with a New Cash Money Gold album (certified last week) Juve the Great, just out and on the way most assuredly to his fifth platinum album in a row, showing a remarkable consistency over an otherwise turbulent seven years for the record business. Together Juve and J Prince plan to release new artists, including a Skip and Wacko album to be released shortly, featuring Juve rapping with his friends, and with another album, by the new group, “Partners n Crime” to quickly follow.

“This venture is a new way for me to experience the record business, executive producing, with J, new acts. I’m spreading out in my career. I produced a number of cuts on Juve the Great, and worked with some great new artists, including with Wacko and Skip on a great cut in that album, Down South Posted. I want to work with new artists as an entrepreneur, while at the same time touring and continuing to support my Cash Money album, Juve the Great. I’m real pleased its doin’ so great- the second single- Bounce Back, has just been released nationally to radio and the video off the albums first single, In My Life is now in heavy rotation on MTV and BET. I’m excited to produce and spread my involvement. To do all this, I need a great partner in the new activity, and J, with his business skills, is just the person I need!”