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Kardinal Offishall

Kardinal Says Mos Def’s Ex Isn’t His Baby Momma, Talks About Lil Wayne & Pusha-T Collab

Posted By on April 30, 2008

    Although rumors have circled that Canadian rapper and Akon's Konvict Music artist, Kardinal Offishall have been going around that links him with Mos Def's ex-wife, model/author Alana Wyatt, Kardinal is denying all such talk. The rumors mainly stated that Wyatt was Kardinal's baby's mom, but he says “No baby mothers,” continuing ”That’s one thing I’ve been really careful about in my career. And it’s not even like a career move, but it’s like to me all that shit is still precious. I don’t need any grief from wifey thinking I got kids from random chicks. I don’t do that random shit too tough. Not to disrespect my boy, but it’s my man Saukretes’ [from Redman’s Gilla House crew] baby moms. It’s not me.”

    Although Lil Wayne and The Clipse's Pusha-T have been feuding, Kardinal says they didn't mind being on the same track ("Swag" off his new mixtape). “Pusha did his verse first and Wayne definitely heard Pusha ’cause he put his [verse] on after Pusha,” T-Dot said, continuing “That joint is never gonna come out officially, by the way. There’s no beef or nothing like that. “Wayne had a respect for me and Pusha had a certain respect for me as well." Kardinal finished by saying “I think at the end of the day, the song was too ill and they weren’t really worried about each other being on the joint. I sent the joint completed to Pusha and [he] was like, ‘This shit [is] crazy.’ He didn’t say nothing to me about, ‘No faggot ass Wayne,’ or this, that, and the next thing. He was like, ‘Yo, the shit is dope.’”