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Kid Cudi Has More Label Problems

Posted By on January 10, 2013

Well, the Hip Hop industry has not seen any shortage of disgruntle rap artist, and on Tuesday, January 8, 2012, young Cleveland, OH Rapper Kid CuDi become the latest. CuDi took to the Twitter Airwaves with a string of rants that were directed at his record label, Universal Music. His is rants, that were filled with plenty of expletives, goes on and on about the fact that certain artist are getting a particular number of video views on Vevo and that his video hits are equal or greater, but his spins on the radio are not close when placed juxtaposed to those rappers he mentions.

Cudi is just another in a long line of artist that feel that their label shelves their career simply by failing to adequately promote and push their music. It is no secret in the music industry that artist can be lost on the carousel of what and who is hot right now. When a record label has limited resources in the way of budget and/or personnel it can be difficult for them to adequately promote and push all of their projects. The label is then forced to determine what act and project they will invest their limited resources in. Most labels would rather do an all-out push on one campaign that a mediocre push on two campaigns, it normally has a much higher ROI.

A larger number of artists are entering into distribution deals that allow them more control over their work and more flexibility on how to promote their work. Cudi alluded to take some drastic measures if something does not change soon. The question is: Does Universal value CuDi enough to quiet the storm or will they be content with leaving him sitting on the shelf. A great deal of that depends on the amount of time left on his current contract and the amount of money they already have invested in him.