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Kid Cudi Takes His Talents To The Big Screen; Set To Star In ‘Need For Speed’

Posted By on November 19, 2013

Kid Cudi recently left G.O.O.D Music to start his own ventures. Cudi has decided to take his talents to the big screen for his first independent project. According to reports, we will be seeing Kid Cudi in the upcoming “Need For Speed” movie.

Although details are still surfacing, the reports and new trailer for the movie might suggest Cudi will play a major role in the film.

In the film, Aaron Paul, from “Breaking Bad,” plays Tobey Marshall, a street racer who is unfairly imprisoned for a crime that he didn’t commit (one that results in the death of his best friend). Upon release from prison, he decides to get revenge on the man who wronged him, which of course involves driving really sexy cars at really dangerous speeds. Dominic Cooper is the bad guy, Kid Cudi and Rami Malek are his buddies, Imogen Poots is the love interest (rocking a wonderfully white trash wig), and Michael Keaton plays some kind of ring leader of an underground racing circuit. Quite frankly — what is there not to love? (Moviefone)

Check out the trailer for “Need For Speed” below.