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Killer Mike Speaks On Panel About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted By on January 18, 2016

Killer Mike was recently on a panel about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and shared his thoughts on the sometimes radical ideas Dr. King had.

“I have been mentored directly by Andrew Young, Joseph Lowery, Ralph David Abernathy III, and others that were directly involved with Dr. King…We have been sold a load of crock,” Killer Mike said. “We have been given a pretty, little compartment to put Dr. King in that says ‘No matter how much you hurt. No matter how much we stigmatize you. No matter how much we traumatize you, we beat you. As radical as you could go is nonviolence.’ And that’s about where it is. It never talks about the social justice aspect of Dr. King.

“Alice Johnson was a white woman and my mentor, from Chicago,” he added. “She was the first person to introduce me to the radically different ideas of King that directly challenged establishment. They challenged the military-industrial complex. They challenged this country to feed and take care of its poor and mentally ill in a different way…And I had never heard of that. I just heard in school ‘Be nonviolent.’ It was all about desegregation. It absolutely was not only about desegregation.”

Killer Mike went on to say Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is fighting for the same issues that killed Dr. King.

“He was killed for many of the same reasons this man [Bernie Sanders] is campaigning for,” the rapper said. “He was killed because he spoke against the military-industrial complex.”


Check out video of the panel below: