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Killer Mike Pens Billboard Article About Baltimore

Posted By on May 2, 2015

Killer Mike recently wrote an article for Billboard about the recent riots in Baltimore and the media’s wrongful portrayal of what was, and is, taking place there.

“I’ve watched Geraldo Rivera and [Wolf] Blitzer pander to the audiences of oppression on TV,” the Atlanta rapper said.

Mike closed the article with a a message for the people of Baltimore.

“For the people of Baltimore — I don’t criticize rioting because I understand it,” he said. “But after the fires die down: organize, strategize and mobilize. Like Ferguson, you have an opportunity to start anew. I don’t have a solution because whoever’s there will have to come up with it. But we need community relations: riots are the language of the unheard.

Peep the whole Op-Ed HERE.