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Pras Talks Why The Fugees Broke Up (Video)

Posted By on November 2, 2010

     Former Fugees member Pras recently talked about the reasons that the infamous Fugee's broke up, denying that the split was caused by rapper slash singer Lauryn Hill's mental well-being. Beyoncd talking about the Fugees, Pras talks about a new Lauryn Hill album hitting stores next year.

     "I just made sure I kept the balance," explained Pras of his role in the Fugees. "You had two personalities [in Lauryn and Wyclef]; if I became the third personality, it would split everything apart…[The break-up,] it wasn't about her being crazy, it was just that she was like…'I gotta make sense of all of this.' I haven't spoken to her about it; it's me analyzing it. I heard they're trying to drop [her new album] by the summertime…Let me tell you something. Somebody played me…something she worked on. Goosebumps. Like, 2015 Lauryn Hill." (Hip Hop DX)

Pras – Talks About The Fugees Break up