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Lil Kim Racks Up $1 Million Dollar Tax Bill

Posted By on March 16, 2009

    Lil Kim is in legal trouble again, this time for taxes. Kim's tax debt records have hit the internet and according to the records she owes $979,090 in state and federal taxes. According to Sohh, Lil Kim's history with tax issues include…

    2008 – New York filed $12,599 tax warrant
    2007 – IRS filed $50,464 lien in NJ
    2007 – IRS filed $67,509 lien
    2005 – CA filed $4,089 lien
    2005 – IRS filed $232,348 lien
    2005 – NJ files $51,471 lien
    2004 – NJ files $77,939 lien
    2004 – IRS files $482, 671 lien in NJ

    Although Lil Kim has had her own reality television show and even released an album in 2005, she still faces many financial problems. Last year a repo man took her Bentley after missing four payments, although it was reported it was bought for her by producer Scott Storch.