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Lil Kim Poses as Barbie, Celebrates 36th Birthday

Posted By on July 12, 2011

Lil Kim celebrated her 36th birthday yesterday, and as she is known to do, stirred up controversery again, by releasing photos of herself dressed up as Barbie. While that might seem innocent enough, female hip hop rival Nicki Minaj currently has taken claim to the Barbie moniker, and dressing in blonde wigs and pink lipstick and shouting out “Barbie B*tch” on tracks and many see these pictures to be taking shots at Minaj.

Kim released her “Black Friday” mixtape in February of this year, featuring a cover that showing what was meant to be a decapitated cartoon version of Nicki Minaj, so it wouldn’t be the first time she has taken shots at Nicki, who is the current reigning female in hip hop.

In all fairness to Lil Kim though, she was rapping about being the “black barbie dressed in Bvlgari” long before Nicki was on the scene.

In addition to the Barbie pic, Kim revealed she will be releasing a Rockwilder produced track titled “Looks Like Money” that will also be on her upcoming album.