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Lil Scrappy Talks Soulja Boy Dating His Ex

Posted By on April 27, 2011

     Atlanta's own Lil Scrappy recently came forward to discuss his ex-girlfriend Diamond's much-discussed romance with fellow rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em, denying that he has any negative feelings for her. Stating that he hasn't been close to her in a while, Lil Scrappy says he doesn't hold it against her for being young and in love.

"We ain't been together so I can't say nothing, you feel me," Scrappy said in an interview referring to Diamond. "We keep it closed in, you feel me? When people see that, they observe and see different things. I can't help what people see…When I see the picture [of them together] it's like, 'OK, wow. OK, cool.' It really don't do nothing to me. You feel me? … I'm into making money right now and that's what she was into doing and I guess [Soulja Boy] is into doing. Everybody's into making money but at the end of the day, you can't help when two people like each other. You feel me? … I been kicking it with her for a minute but we've both been openly dating. I'm sure y'all are gonna see some pictures of some [of my girls]. You feel me? Shorty gotta get her money. However shorty gotta get her money — and shorty is young. If she out with that dude, that dude and that dude, they can't judge her…" ("Dirty Boyz")

Lil Scrappy – Talks Soulja Boy's Relationship With His Ex Girlfriend