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Lil Scrappy Talks Problems With Past Labels

Posted By on August 17, 2009

    Although Waner Music Group is home to rappers like Talib Kweli, Crime Mob and even E-40, Lil Scrappy says it's a Rock-N-Roll label. [Lil Scrappy Talks Problems With Labels – Watch Here] Lil Scrappy says he lef Warner because he wasn't able to find the proper promoting which lead to him signing with Ludacris' Distrubing Tha Peace label.

    "Before I even made the move I had just talked to [Warner Music Group CEO] Tom Whalley and told him I need to get off," Scrappy said in an interview. "Because basically, Warner Bros is a rock and roll label. So they didn't really understand what to do with me as of then. Even though I showed them two or three times, this is me Scrappy, this is how I move, young gangsta from Atlanta, I do what I do, try to stay outta trouble but you know how sh*t go. But he believed in me enough, he didn't want to hurt my career, so he let me go, after that I went through a couple of label situations, it wasn't looking too good.I always had this stop-and-go relationship with Chaka and Luda — That was the best contract I ever signed. Just being a rapper or whatever, that's the best contract I ever signed." [Lil Scrappy Talks Problems With Labels – Watch Here]

Lil Scrappy Explains Label Problems "Warner Bros Is Basically Rock N Roll Label