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Lil Scrappy Talks Weezy & Boosie Going To Prison

Posted By on November 11, 2009

    Recently bot Lil Wayne and Lil Boosie have ran into legal troubles and Ludacris' Disturbin Tha Peace artist Lil Scrappy sat down to talk about seeing his fellow southern rappers getting ready to do their jail time. From Lil Scrappy's perspective, this year has seen the most rappers head to prison at one time, to date. "I don't know how to react cuz, 'cause it's like d*mn, if anybody noticed, this is the most rappers that done got locked up," Scrappy explained. [Lil Scrappy Talks Lil Wayne & Lil Boosie Heading To Prison – Watch Here]

    "I'ma tell you what it is though, it's from certain n*ggas feeling like 'I'm a rapper, I can do whatever the f*ck I wanna do,' and not saying I'm a boss and do whatever I wanna do. If you a boss and you doing whatever you wanna do, you still gonna do it where you gonna be good, you not gonna just be 'Oh, I f*cked up cuz, now I got eight years.' Nah, not like that, they gonna be like 'Eh, I did whatever I had to do, I'm good.' N*ggas be going out their character, cuz. They doin' sh*t they wouldn't even do and they get f*cked up." [Lil Scrappy talks Rappers Going To Prison – Watch Here]

Lil Scrappy – Talks Lil Wayne & Lil Boosie In Prison


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