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Travis Barker Records “Got Money” Remix Day Before Plane Crash

Posted By on September 25, 2008

    The day before Travis Barker's recent plane crash, he recorded his part for a remix of Lil Wayne's "Got Money." The Play N SKillz produced remix features Barker on the drums. "We talked to Lil Chris [Baker], his assistant who died in the crash," Play told MTV. "[Chris] was lining up the remix thing with Travis. I'd never met Travis, but we spoke two days before this happened. He went in the studio, did the 'Got Money' remix. We were really excited about that. Then you wake up one morning, and it's like, 'F—!' " Skillz added "It shows how fast something can happen," continuing, "The day before his crash, he had just did the drums to the 'Got Money' remix."

    Listen to a preview of the remix – Click Here Now!

Preview Of Lil Wayne "Got Money" Remix featuring Travis Barker