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Turk Confirms Hot Boys Reunion From Behind Bars

Posted By on September 27, 2007

(According To Sohh.com)After much hyped rumors alluding to a long-awaited Hot Boys reunion album, former group member Turk has confirmed with SOHH that the Hot Boys are in fact planning a comeback.

The Internet started buzzing after fellow Hot Boy, Lil' Wayne, made an announcement during a recent concert that the group would be reuniting. Footage of the announcement began to flood YouTube and fans started to wonder if there was any merit to Wayne's claims.

"I talked to them the other day and they told me to tell y'all something…We back," Weezy exclaimed during the show! "So whoever started liking this group… or that group. Nope. We back. And the members are, of course me, a guy I know named Juvenile, and another guy I know named B.G. and my best friend Turk." [Watch Here]

"I have been dreaming of this day for sometime now," Turk said in an exclusive statement to SOHH. "From as early as time [since] I was initially locked up, I have felt like somehow someway I was going to make this happen and I would be rejoining my brothers again."

"As far as the Hot Boys being broken up for a minute, it was nothing more than a family fallout," Turk continued. "Lil' Wayne, B.G. and Juvie are my brothers for real. Everything is back to the way things should be right now and that I look forward to joining the group and being heavily involved in the forthcoming Hot Boys reunion project. Expect this album to go down as a classic in hip-hop history."

Turk (born Tab Virgil, Jr) is currently incarcerated and serving a 10 year sentence (reduced from 12) after being convicted of attempted second-degree murder, stemming from an incident that took place on January 26, 2004. Police charged the New Orleans rapper with shooting a SWAT team member in the jaw, hip, arm and calf in a shootout, during a drug raid in a Memphis, Tennessee apartment.

"Turk also wanted his fans to know that they can expect the Hot Boy to put out his own solo album project sometime real soon in the near future," added Scott H. Mason, Turk's entertainment lawyer.

As of press time no date has been determined for Turk's release from prison.