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Linkin Park Shoot New Video, Say Jay-Z Will Join Them For U.K. Tour Dates

Posted By on March 23, 2008

Linkin Park is a group known for putting out great music videos and with their next, they won't dissappoint. "Leave Out All The Rest", the latest single from their album Minutes To Midnight, was shot entirely in front of a green screen in California and directed by band member and DJ, Joseph Hahn, who also wrote the treatement. The video depicts a day in the life of Linkin Park, that is if they all lived in a futuristic flight vessel floating in outerspace. With no performance footage, the video also shows Linkin Park floating around after gravity is lost. Rick Rubin, the producer of Minutes To Midnight, first realized this song had single potential. Mike Shinoda said the ledgend said "This sounds like a massive single" when he first heard the track. Linkin Park is planning their Projekt Revolution tour, although no other bands have been announced to be joining them. Mike Shinoda did say that Jay-Z will join Linkin Park for the "U.K. dates" saying "whenever we do a show with friends of ours, we hope to get onstage and do something together. I can't say for sure if that will happen, but it's my intention at least.

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