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Lloyd Didn’t Tell Chris Brown To Cry

Posted By on June 30, 2010

     R&B hit singer Lloyd is now denying all the rumors going around that he told Chris Brown to intentionally cry during his Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards 10 performance over the weekend. "I never told him to go on stage and cry. We spoke recently, and I told him as a friend that people hadn't really seen him be vulnerable about his situation last year. I thought he was holding back and needed to let that emotion out. [But] him crying at the BET Awards was real, I could feel it…I think he cried about a number of things. About the fact that he thought people would hate him forever because of one mistake. Feeling that love on stage was probably overwhelming. Plus [Jackson] being gone and him performing 'Man In The Mirror', that song is powerful, especially for his situation. It pushed him over the edge."

Chris Brown – Performs At Michael Jackson Tribute