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LLoyd Says He Is Sorry To Ciara (Video)

Posted By on July 16, 2010

     Hit R&B singer Lloyd recently released a bunh of public apologies to fellow singer Ciara for controversial remarks he made at her in a published Hip Hop Weekly interview. Taking to his twitter account, he wrote…

"Self Check: I was wrong for what I said about Ciara. I was dead wrong. Who's to say I know right or wrong. Its hard to look in the mirror…," he wrote yesterday (July 14)
"And be able to realize your flaws, your mistakes and admit to them publicly. There's a line between friendship that should valued…"
"I hurt her. I dissappointed her fans, my fans, my friends. Even my mama. Its a difference between personal feeling and what's real and…"
"I'd just like to apologize and move on. @ciara I love you and I respect your art and your heart. You know me, and you know its not…"
"EVEN in my nature to say those things. I was upset about many things at the time and took my frustrations out on you, one of my best friends."
"I know that you've forgiven me, but I will con't to say I'm sorry and i will NEVER allow that to happen again. I'll take this time to humble."
"myself and re-evaluate my actions. Goodnight twitter. Goodmorning GOD."

Lloyd – Apologizes To Ciara "I Was Wrong For What I Said"