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Judge Grants Ludacris ‘Primary Physical Custodian’ Of Daughter

Posted By on January 29, 2015

We have been reporting about Ludacris fighting for full custody of his 1-year-old daughter and a judge has declared the rapper will receive primary physical custody. According to the reports, Luda and Tamika have joint legal and physical custody, but Luda is “ the primary physical custodian.”

“The judge awarded both Luda and Tamika joint legal and physical custody but said Luda will be “the primary physical custodian.” We’ve watched the video of the decision and the judge messes up in a big way, saying Luda has decision-making authority. If that’s true, he would have primary legal custody. Short story … the judge makes very little sense.

Luda tells TMZ, “I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter.”” (TMZ)