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Lupe Fiasco Takes to Twitter to Blast Violent Lyrics in Hip Hop

Posted By on March 27, 2013

Sunday is universally recognized as a day of relaxation and reflection, whether you are a religious person or not, it is usually a day taken off from the hustle and bustle of life. Lupe Fiasco took the opportunity to use twitter as a platform to blast violent lyrics in Hip Hop. Over a series of 19 separate tweets Lupe let his opinion be known.

“Violent music (and all violent media) effectively says its ‘OK’ to be violent. It provides positive reinforcement for negative actions,” Lupe said in a tweet. “If you rap and make violent music then own up to it. Stop hiding behind ‘art imitating life’ as a way to evade the guilt.”

He also referred to a Dr. Dre line on Eminem’s Guilty Conscience in which Dre spits, “How the hell you gonna tell this man not 2 be violent?, Cuz he dont need to go the same route that I did.”

Lupe went on to admit that in the past he has released some violent music and has committed acts of violence, but he insists that it should not continue.

“Ive made violent music. Done violent things. Most of my friends are violent. Lived in violent neighbors. Seen violence first hand,” he said. “A certain point you start to get tired of it. You ask why? Why is it like this? What is causing this? Why is this ok to live like this? Then you turn on the news and see that a 12 month old got shot in the face by two teenagers in Georgia for no reason at all.”