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Lupe Fiasco Blasts Education System At Chicago High School Graduation

Posted By on July 3, 2013

Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco has never been one to bite his tongue.

The rapper was one of many guest speakers this past weekend at the Mass Black Male Graduation And Transition To Manhood ceremony, held at Chicago State University. During his speech , Fiasco had more than a few choice words concerning the education system.

“Congratulations, you have graduated from one of the most terrible, substandard school systems in the entire world. You have just spent the last…12 years receiving one of the worst educations on earth. You are at least four, five steps behind people in other countries that are younger than you,” began Lupe, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. He also said, “Transition to manhood is the most important thing that’s going on right now. The caps and the gowns and your tassels and your honorary blah blah blahs don’t mean nothing. That’s just dress. That’s just some clothes. Meaningless clothes, too, because they have no real purpose in life. They don’t keep you warm. What do they do? They just represent to someone else that you’ve achieved something. But then when you look back at it, what have you achieved?” He continued, “For young Black men…it is one the last things that we have . . . and one of the last things that we can control. Manhood is connected to humanity.”