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Lupe Discusses Twitter: “They’re Making Their Money Off Of Tweets.”

Posted By on November 8, 2013

Rapper Lupe Fiasco stopped by Houston radio station 95.7, and touched on a wide variety of topics.

One of the main focuses of the interview was Fiasco’s view on Twitter:

“It’s not me ranting. It’s really just looking at it like ‘Wow, Twitter’s public. What do they make their money off of?’ They’re trading at like 45 dollars a share,” said the Windy City emcee. “And you just think like—and it was 26 this morning. So, right now it’s 45 dollars a share. And you think like, ‘What are they making their money off of?’ They’re making their money off of tweets. So, you’re like ‘Yo, what is my tweet worth? Like, what’s a tweet worth? How do you really monetize a tweet?’ And for me it’s like I just use Twitter to promote shows or promote albums or promote my merchandise…If I get one person to buy a t-shirt from Twitter then this tweet is worth 30 dollars.”


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