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Lupe Fiasco Gets Hit With A Tomato During Performance And Ends Show Early

Posted By on November 26, 2013

Lupe Fiasco was performing in Salt Lake City, Utah when he cut his performance short after being hit with a tomato by someone in the crowd.

Lupe was performing “Kick, Push” when a tomato came flying right at him which caused him to stop the track and call out the supposed thrower. He then asked the balcony section where the object was thrown from to come down and they wouldn’t come down. Thats when Lupe took things into his own hands.

“When the balcony refused to come downstairs, Lupe cut the show short. He’s since sent out a series of tweets about the Utah show, which you can check out in the gallery above. Among them, he says, “The show was cancelled cuz when I asked for the balcony to be cleared just in case it was other snipers I got middle fingers so on 2 #Denver.” He also explained using the term “bitch,” by saying, “I call her a “fat white bitch” cuz she was a fat white bitch…once you throw things you become a bitch…who just happens to be fat & white.” (HNHH)

Check out the footage of the incident below: