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Lupe Fiasco Speaks On ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ Split And Outkast Comeback

Posted By on December 18, 2013

Rapper Lupe Fiasco recently spoke on the  “A Tribe Called Quest” split and his desire for Outkast to reunite for one more run in the music industry.

Even though Q-TIp claims ATCQ’s last time eprforming together would be furing the “Yeezus” tour, Lupe explained how he doesn’t see them just ending it for good.

 “I don’t believe that,” Lupe said when told ATCQ would never perform together again on-stage. “I don’t believe that — they’ve been together for 30 years or something like that. I don’t believe that but I understand people have their personal decisions. I didn’t grow up on A Tribe Called Quest, let me say that again. That’s what started the whole downfall with Lupe Fiasco. ‘I didn’t grow up on Tribe Called Quest, ‘But you made ‘Kick Push,’ eh, certain songs I rock with but I was listening to Spice-1. I’m sorry.’ … I hope that the Tribe Called Quest thing [isn’t true]. I hope it’s just them taking a break and they come back. I want OutKast to come back. I think these dudes are still credible, they still make great music. I still think Q-Tip’s one of the best producers of all time.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)