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MC Ren Details Ice Cube Reunion & Upcoming Collab

Posted By on April 15, 2014

Former NWA member MC Ren recently chopped it up with DUBCNN. Ren recalled his first collab with Ice cube post NWA, and his plans for a new collab with Cube.


“DJ Bobcat had done the beat for that record, and he said we needed to get somebody on the record,” MC Ren says during an interview with DUBBCNN. “I had brought up Cube because he was working with him at the time. So he hits up Cube and he said he was down. So I got his number and told him about the song, and he was with it. I go down to the studio one day and Bob was down there working with him on something, and Bob put up the track and we knocked it out right there.” 

MC Ren went on to speak about new his album, and single “Rebel Music”, which will feature Ice Cube.

“Ice Cube is finishing up his parts on [the remix] so that’s coming real quick,” MC Ren says, “and that’s going to be fire.”