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Hodgy Beats Confirms No More Mellowhype

Posted By on January 18, 2015

Odd Future member Hodgy Beats recently confirmed to HipHopDX that him and Left Brain, who together form the duo MelloHype, will no longer be making music as a duo under that name.

Hodgy explained it came down to each artist just growing as individuals.


“I feel like the identity of MellowHype is Hodgy Beats produced by Left Brain,” he said when asked about the group’s status. “I believe we’re growing as individuals and as a producer/rapper duo I believe we’re growing apart many ways and together many ways as well. My point of saying that is from now on there is no MellowHype. It’s Hodgy Beats produced by Left Brain.”


“I believe we’re individuals. He feel the same way as well. We just individual people but we work together and everybody needs their own identity. It’s a big refocus. Nah, we ain’t breaking up. Nah, this ain’t no weirdo shit. It’s just some real shit. It’s a refocus. Going from boys to men this is what it is. So it’s either understand it, ’cause it will be explained–cry about it, talk shit, applaud us–we still moving.”

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