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Mike Jones Gets Punched At Ozone Awards

Posted By on August 12, 2008

    According to reports, Houston rappers Mike Jones and Trae The Truth got into a fight backstage at the Ozone Awards yesterday [watch here]. Lots of rumors are going around about the fight, but most specify that during a conversation between the two rappers, Trae the Truth punched Mike Jones [watch here]. As you can see from a video taken immediately after it went down, Mike Jones was left with his face bleeding [watch here].

    Since the reports came out, Trae released a video [watch here] where he talked about what happened between himself and Mike Jones. Trae claims Mike Jones was "running his mouth too much" but did state "it's a good thing it happened before the awards and I didn't fuck up the awards." [watch here]

    Watch Mike Jones & Trae The Truth Fight, Click Here

Mike Jones & Trae Fight


Trae Talks About Punching Mike Jones