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Mike Jones’ Manager Claims Police Brutality

Posted By on May 29, 2007

Mike Jones' manager has reportedly filed a complaint against Texas' police department claiming two of its Jersey Village area officers assaulted him.

According to Click 2 Houston, Terrance "T" Flowers claims that when authorities were called after he got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend in an apartment parking lot, they physically assaulted him even though he was unarmed and cooperating.

"They jumped out their car, pulled their pistols out, told me to get down, yelling and screaming, so I automatically did what they told me to do," Flowers explained. "I get down to my knees. They shove me down. A black cop put a foot on my head. They still had their pistols on me, telling me to get down, get down, but I'm already down, though."

Flowers claims that even though his girlfriend explained to them who he was they still manhandled him. He says the police handcuffed him with his hands behind his back and lifted his hands so high that one of his arms was nearly broken.

Flowers said he was then put in the back of a police cruiser, where he sat for 30 minutes before they let him go. Flowers said he learned that he had two outstanding traffic warrants for his arrest, but he was not taken into custody, which he believes is a sign that the officers knew they were out of line.

Flowers, who filed the complaint on Friday (May 25), claims the police made statements such as, "You think you can get away with certain types of behavior because of who you are."

The Houston Chronicle identified the two officers as Virgil Thomas and Mark Zatzkin.

Jersey Village Sgt. Stephan Ruff told The Chronicle that the department first heard the allegations Friday and the officers had never filed an incident report. Ruff also said an internal inquiry has been opened and that neither officer has ever been disciplined.

Both officers could not be reached at press time.