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Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot Prepares Her Block Party

Posted By on June 10, 2008

    Missy Elliot's new album, "Block Party," looks like it will be released in August. The album features production from Souldiggaz, Danjahandz, Pharrell, T-Pain, Pointguard and Timbaland. Tracks like "Like When You Play the Music," "Hip-Hop Don't Die," "Milk & Cookies" and "Best Best" will be included on the album. "Best Best" is set to be the first single from that album and an video for the song is currently being scheduled.

    Missy told Billboard she claims the title "because there are a lot of dance joints on there. It's one of those albums you can play out in the streets." Missy went on to say "this album is probably more musical and melodic than my previous ones," she continues. "A lot of my albums are really hip-hop-driven, with tinges of other music genres. But this album is hip-hop, with a sort of U.K. hip-hop sound to it."